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20171Re: How to print Inspiration-Letters

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  • cott_doris
    Jun 22, 2007
      Thank you VERY MUCH for your help John-Paul.

      I am a "baddie" using a PC.;-)

      I did not ask any further because I could not and can not give it
      priority in my life at the moment. I am fine with a new style of
      reading temporarily offline.

      Am I too sensitive or was there a slightly sarcastic expression in
      your words? Maybe your answer could solve a general *problem* I have
      reading your entrees on your blog. Maybe it is only a language
      problem of mine? I am a simple person and so is my language.( I do
      not feel bad that I do not understand everything you are writing
      about since Oormie from Australia who is with us here in Zürich
      travels with an English dictionary).

      I hope I do not go too far by asking you whether you are someone who
      gets the coal out of the fire-let us say- for others?

      *Unfortunately* I myself am doing it sometimes. It can be risky and
      you can be burned.

      So in absolute general I my say that artistry is a matter of taste.
      Essentially there is only love of God. This is of course my very
      personal opinion.

      Thank you again for your kind support.

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