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20162How to print Inspiration-Letters

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  • johnji_nz
    Jun 20, 2007
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      Hi Doris and Sharani,

      Short of begging someone who nows the arcane workings of print design
      and typesetting to re-layout the entire publication, there is one way
      to successfully print Inspiration-Letters—at least on a mac.

      When you select print, at least from OSX 10.3 on (Panther, now Tiger,
      and soon to be Leopard), you get a "PDF" option in the left of the
      Print dialogue box. Use this option to print the page as a pdf, and
      before doing so, (in Firefox in this example) select the "Copies and
      Pages" drill-down list and select "Firefox" near the bottom of the
      list, where you should ensure "Shrink to fit page width," "Print
      Background Colors" and "Print Background Images" are all selected.

      Doing all of this I have just created a 19 page PDF document of the
      entire latest episode, beautifully formatted as the web master so
      intended, and able to be printed.

      If you still have no luck may I suggest consulting someone with
      technical expertise in the real world—as resolving the situation may
      require the actual "laying upon" of hands...

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