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  • beverly_canada
    Jun 13, 2007
      One-pointed concentration
      Is the pathfinder
      For a deeper meditative

      Sri Chinmoy

      "There are three stages in our spiritual practice. It starts with
      concentration, then meditation, then contemplation." -Sri Chinmoy

      The talk that this quotation had been taken from is also available on
      the online Sri Chinmoy TV:


      A while back Doris asked me to post something about my son. This
      incident took place some time ago. It concerns concentration.

      I had been trying to teach my son how to concentrate.

      Yesterday we went for a walk to a float on the ocean. I stood at the
      edge and observed some small jelly fish but he REALLY looked. He lay
      down and draped himself over the edge and peered into the dark water.
      A little ball jelly fish was the focus of his absorbtion. To picture
      this jellyfish Imagine an inflatable beach ball (an analogy offered by
      my son). The ball bulges out between the longitudinal segments,
      making a scalloped profile if viewed from the `north pole'. Now
      imagine the ball is almost transparent, a little milky and no more
      than two centimeters in diameter, with tentacles of almost
      indiscernible slenderness trailing from the `south pole'. "It's
      emitting light", he exclaimed. So I, too, knelt and we concentrated
      on this tiny wondrous piece of creation. Sure enough, a minute or so
      of patient watching revealed a flash of blue which traveled up along
      one of the lines. But purple, that I had not seen. My son had. Not
      so easy to detect in summer sunshine. Finally I let go of my
      restlessness, quieted myself and concentrated, patiently,
      patiently,... and finally witnessed a fleeting glimpse of subtle
      purplish-blue traversing a globe suspended in a watery world.
      Joy shared.

      I had been trying to teach my son how to concentrate.


      A new philosophy:
      To teach is to learn.
      To learn is to reveal constantly
      One's inner perfection.

      Sri Chinmoy
      No. 5726 from "Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 58".
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