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20125How to read this group without ads across the top of the screen

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  • sharani_sharani
    Jun 8 8:01 AM
      Did you know that you can read the Inspiration Group without any ads
      across the top of the screen? I'm doing it as we speak. I'm also
      looking at the weather forecast along the bottom of my screen and when
      John or Sumangali post a message to their blog my blog notifier in my
      Mac taskbar along the bottom of the desktop will make a sound and tell
      me how many new blog entries are waiting for me to peruse. Also, some
      kind of spell check is working right as I type this and there is a red
      underline beneath Sumangali's name because she is not recognized. I
      just did control click and she is added!

      If these features are unfamiliar to you, I will mention them at least
      briefly in this post from the perspective of a non-techie with
      emphasis on the non. :-)

      First you need to be using the Firefox Browser. A browser is a way to
      search for information on the Internet. If you own a Mac, your
      computer came with the Safari browser installed and if you own a PC,
      your computer came with Internet Explorer. There are many other
      browsers out there that you can download for free. You would just
      search the word Firefox in your current browser. To go directly to a
      download page where you can choose type of operating system and
      language, follow this link:

      This browser downloads extremely quickly and is widely praised. The
      Vausedava Server team that manages and runs all the Sri Chinmoy Centre
      websites prefers this browser.

      One reason why this browser is liked is because of all the add-ons
      that easily can be implemented. Everything that I mentioned above such
      as removing the banner ad from Yahoo or the weather across the bottom
      are add-ons for Firefox. Once you have Firefox installed, open it up
      and to get rid of the adds follow the instructions in Priyadarshan's
      recent blog entry on this topic.
      Also read this blog entry by him to prevent Google from spying on you.

      I also added an extension to my Firefox browser called Cooliris. See
      more about it at:
      This tool creates a little pop up window when you hover over a link.
      It will load the page in a small window that you can view and even
      visit links within it. I first used it when looking at Meriem's new
      photo gallery album at:
      I could look at the contents of each album she has created without
      even clicking on the link. Welcome Meriem to the Sri Chinmoy Centre

      Or if you are looking at a screen of search results in Google, a
      common search engine used to find information once using your Firefox
      browser, you can quickly see if the site seems promising by just
      looking at Cool Iris' popup view of it. Since everyone seems busy and
      time on the Internet can be time-consuming this is one way to speed
      things up.

      The other add-on I chose is called CustomizeGoogle. At their site, you
      can watch a short video demonstration of it before deciding if you
      like it.
      Its many features are your choice to use or not. Once I added
      this feature, Yahoo and Google ads are gone, this spell feature is on,
      I can say try my search in ... other browsers right underneath the
      Google search bar, and on and on. I only just started using this one
      so I am still getting to know it.

      Finally, there is RSS. Some say the acronym stands for really simple
      syndication. To me it seemed anything but! I am still getting to know
      more about RSS but I now realize it is more than just having ticker
      screens across your computer telling you the latest news headlines or
      stock prices. For the uninitiated like me, if you right clink the RSS
      symbol on somebody's blog or website and copy the location to a feed
      reader service then you can choose various ways to be notified when a
      new post happens without having to click on your bookmarks for that site.

      If like me, you don't just intuitively know these so-called really
      simple things, a good overview of RSS how-to articles, etc. can be
      found on Robert Teeter's blog. He is librarian for a California water
      agency. Librarians to the rescue once again for gathering information
      in a helpful and succinct manner. This page in his website provides a
      good overview of possible links to learn more about RSS:

      Now that I have chosen the free RSS feed aggregator called Bloglines,
      I get notified whenever a new article posts to the Sri Chinmoy Centre
      frontpage or when Sumangali adds a new entry to her blog - just two
      examples. Any site that offers their site in XML format can be
      monitored in some fashion where you don't have to visit the site
      unless something new gets added to it.

      Well that's enough for one post don't you think? And if you are on the
      fence worried that you aren't a techno savvy Internet user I am here
      as testimony that if I can do it anybody can. Most of the time I feel
      like I'm running after the bus after it has already left the station
      as far as this stuff is concerned. Until I knew that you needed an
      aggregator to use RSS, it might as well have been in Cyrillic as far
      as this English language speaker was concerned.

      Let me know in your next post if you too are liberated from a Yahoo
      Personals Ad across the top of your screen while you read the
      Inspiration Group. Or perhaps you are just reading the posts as an RSS
      feed (you can!) in Bloglines or some other feed reader.

      Happy Surfing!
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