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19954Re: My Father's Soulful Response

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  • johnji_nz
    Apr 28, 2007
      Great story Kamalakanta.

      I never personally felt the calling of the priesthood, but I did try
      for a while, unsuccessfully, to fit God into my mind.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, kamalakanta47
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > When I was a child, I was an altarboy, and by 11 I wanted to be a
      > priest. However, when, at age 11, I sent away for and received the
      > papers to apply for a seminary, an inner voice told me that it was not
      > for me. Calmly, I tore the pages, with an inner feeling of certainty
      > and peacefulness.
      > One day, I asked my father: "Dad, when was God born?"
      > My father, very pleased that I had asked a spiritual question,
      > answered very peacefully: "My child, God was never born. God always
      > This seemed impossible to me. I could not fathom something or someone
      > without a beginning! So I said: "But dad, everything is born! How can
      > God be without being born?"
      > He smiled gently and repeated: "God always was and always will be. He
      > is eternal."
      > I spent days and weeks trying to imagine how God was born, how He came
      > into existence, for my feeble mind could not comprehend a being that
      > was not born. Surely God must have started being at some point!
      > So my imagination provided the solution! Of course! Since this whole
      > idea of God not being born sounded so magical, my mind's solution was
      > to imagine that one day a magician, who had a show by the side of the
      > road, pulled God out of a hat! Problem solved! God was born by magic!
      > Years later, I either heard or read the story about one of St.
      > Augustine's experiences. He was trying to understand God. Before he
      > had his spiritual experiences, St. Augustine was an agnostic! He kept
      > trying to understand God with his mind! So one day he is walking on
      > the beach, when he sees a little girl trying to fit the ocean into a
      > thimble.
      > He approached her and said: "Oh girl, do not be foolish! Can you not
      > see that you cannot fit the ocean into a thimble? It is too small!"
      > The little girl responded: "In the same way, you cannot fit God into
      > your mind. It is too small!" And then the little girl disappeared.
      > Kamalakanta
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