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1991Re: Intense and Astonishing Meditation Exercise

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  • matt_boulton73
    Dec 3, 2003
      Thanks for the intense and astonishing meditation exercise, Dharmaja.
      I immediately printed it out and it is sitting next to my meditation
      shrine, for frequent repetition.

      Matt Boulton
      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, dharmaja
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Here is a meditation exercise that Sri Chinmoy gave in April of 1988.
      > ____________________________________
      > With two fingers placed between your eyebrows, repeat:
      > Concentration.
      > I am now concentrating.
      > I know that my Lord Beloved Supreme is right above my head.
      > With right thumb on your spiritual heart and rest of hand on your
      > chest, repeat:
      > Meditation.
      > I am now meditating.
      > I can feel the blessingful Presence of my Lord Beloved Supreme right
      > inside my heart.
      > With right hand on top of your head and left hand on your heart,
      > pressing somewhat hard, and breathing as quietly and slowly as
      > possible, repeat:
      > Contemplation.
      > I am now contemplating.
      > I can vividly see my Lord Beloved Supreme right in front of my
      > vision-eye, and He is telling me that He is eager to play
      > hide-and-seek with me.
      > With hands behind your head, fingers meeting at centre, repeat:
      > My God-disappointment past.
      > With fingers of right hand between your eyebrows, repeat:
      > My today's silver dreams.
      > Moving your hand in a small circle over your heart, feeling that you
      > are forming a circle with light, repeat:
      > My tomorrow's golden realities.
      > With both fists clenched, repeat:
      > I must immediately shake off my God-disappointment-past so that my
      > Lord Beloved Supreme can smilingly and proudly grow, glow, sing and
      > dance inside my today's silver dreams and my tomorrow's golden
      > realities.
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