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  • chanakhya78
    Mar 31, 2007
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      Hello everyone, I just got back from a tour of the Balkans. It started
      with me giving 7 talks in 7 cities in 7 days, in Bulgaria. It was
      really cool, the intensity of giving a talk in a different place each
      day was such a wonderful experience. I got to swim in the Black Sea,
      which was really cold, also to take part in a Joy day that included 6
      I would like to thank Baridhi who was my constant companion and
      translator throughout the whole trip. I find it easy to talk ( anyone
      who knows me will agree with that ), but it is quite a feat to listen
      and translate. I am always profoundly grateful to those great soul's
      that somehow express the same sincerity I try to offer when I give a talk.
      I spent 1 month in Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia, giving 12 talks in
      all to varying audiences, including 3 young boys aged 9 through 14.
      Who thought they were coming to see someone give a Yoga demonstration,
      but stayed for the whole talk anyway.
      Finally, it is a real inspiration to me to see how visiting places
      where there are students of Sri Chinmoy really makes them smile.