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19570Re: Hurdles and the Goal

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  • kwcanb
    Feb 15, 2007
      I start a lot of projects and when they do not manifest the way I
      thought they would - if at all- I naturally feel very disappointed.
      I am learning over time, either through illuming thoughts such as
      the one below or by small precious conversations with spiritual
      friends, that starting a project is like planting a seed. It is up
      to God whether that seed will grow into a small flower or a large

      When I think of surrendering myself
      Unconditionally to my Lord Supreme,
      The wings of Heaven start singing
      And Dancing.

      The Divine Hero - pg 93 by Sri Chinmoy

      I was at work when I read this posting. At the moment I am finding
      the 'project'

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, cott_doris
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > There are many things I would like to do and start to do. But
      often I
      > find myself discouraged by obstacles and I lose enthusiasm and
      > determination to finish. Self-doubt and hesitation are one of the
      > inner thiefs that can take my inner joy away.
      > Most of the obstacles I find in myself, I can turn it the way I'd
      > to. Something that gives me joy today can leave me indifferent
      > tomorrow. I am not happy about that.
      > I am trying to overcome it I think since my childhood and
      sometimes it
      > leaves me sad for all the projects I have never finished.
      > I received an encouraging email by a friend that made me feel I
      may not
      > be alone in this world with this 'problem.' Therefore I would like
      > share it with you all.
      > Here an exerpt; I couldn't say it any better:
      > "There are many phases to a big project: there's the initial
      > inspiration, and the tears of joy you shed when you feel you will
      > doing something good for God. Then there's the phase where you try
      > carry out your plans - and perhaps meet with resistance. This is
      > normal. If you really care to achieve your goal, then over the
      > of time you may be able to return to the project with new
      > and eventually succeed. Or, if not, I'm sure you will find some
      > way of pleasing God.
      > I'm not a professional writer, so it took me over a year to write
      > short story. At times, I thought I would never
      > finish; but eventually I did, because I kept coming back to it."
      > IF YOU REALLY CARE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL - this was the question of
      > questions and I didn't find a satisfying answer to it. How do I
      > what my goal is? Even if I know my goal, how do I know how to
      > it? I tried so many ways, but still I am stumbling over the same
      > and all my projects like goods in a bag slippering out of my
      hands, I
      > pick them up and ...yes.
      > I prayed to God to send me an answer. Even doing that is not easy.
      > asked God to show me the way. Today I found the following
      > words by my spiritual master Sri Chinmoy in one of his many many
      > precious books "The Giver and the Receiver" written in 1987
      > (unofficial):
      > "...we do not have to know anything. We only have to cry sincerely
      > God to manifest himself in and through us..." and "...so let us
      > our wish to manifest God not by asking 'God tell me what you want
      me to
      > do, then I will be able to please You' but by saying, "God, do
      what you
      > want to do in and through me."
      > Open end and time will show. :-) What is so easy for some people
      > be the most difficult thing to learn for somebody else and vise
      > Doris
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