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19539Hurdles and the Goal

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  • cott_doris
    Feb 7, 2007
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      There are many things I would like to do and start to do. But often I
      find myself discouraged by obstacles and I lose enthusiasm and
      determination to finish. Self-doubt and hesitation are one of the main
      inner thiefs that can take my inner joy away.

      Most of the obstacles I find in myself, I can turn it the way I'd like
      to. Something that gives me joy today can leave me indifferent
      tomorrow. I am not happy about that.

      I am trying to overcome it I think since my childhood and sometimes it
      leaves me sad for all the projects I have never finished.

      I received an encouraging email by a friend that made me feel I may not
      be alone in this world with this 'problem.' Therefore I would like to
      share it with you all.

      Here an exerpt; I couldn't say it any better:

      "There are many phases to a big project: there's the initial
      inspiration, and the tears of joy you shed when you feel you will be
      doing something good for God. Then there's the phase where you try and
      carry out your plans - and perhaps meet with resistance. This is
      normal. If you really care to achieve your goal, then over the course
      of time you may be able to return to the project with new inspiration
      and eventually succeed. Or, if not, I'm sure you will find some other
      way of pleasing God.

      I'm not a professional writer, so it took me over a year to write my
      short story. At times, I thought I would never
      finish; but eventually I did, because I kept coming back to it."

      IF YOU REALLY CARE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL - this was the question of
      questions and I didn't find a satisfying answer to it. How do I know
      what my goal is? Even if I know my goal, how do I know how to achieve
      it? I tried so many ways, but still I am stumbling over the same stones
      and all my projects like goods in a bag slippering out of my hands, I
      pick them up and ...yes.

      I prayed to God to send me an answer. Even doing that is not easy. I
      asked God to show me the way. Today I found the following encouraging
      words by my spiritual master Sri Chinmoy in one of his many many
      precious books "The Giver and the Receiver" written in 1987

      "...we do not have to know anything. We only have to cry sincerely to
      God to manifest himself in and through us..." and "...so let us express
      our wish to manifest God not by asking 'God tell me what you want me to
      do, then I will be able to please You' but by saying, "God, do what you
      want to do in and through me."

      Open end and time will show. :-) What is so easy for some people might
      be the most difficult thing to learn for somebody else and vise versa.

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