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19504Book inspiration: Eragon

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  • abhinabha
    Jan 30, 2007
      A little while ago I bought a copy of the book 'Eragon' in a small
      airport bookshop. Its title and the cover illustration of a childlike
      looking dragon drew my attention. Several inner strings started
      resonating as I picked up the book. I somehow felt drawn to it and
      obeyed an inner urge to buy it. Once I started reading it I knew I had
      really stumbled upon something special.

      I happen to be not just a big, but a huge Tolkien fan. The proof is
      that I never read any book twice, but I've read Lord of the Rings
      three times already. In 'Eragon' I found the same mystical attraction
      of a world alive with wonder and magic, a world in many ways like
      Middle Earth, but different enough to have its own unique beauty and

      The story is about a boy - Eragon - who finds a mysterious blue stone,
      which turns out to be a dragon egg. The egg bursts open one night and
      a tiny dragon hatchling emerges. Upon touching the little dragon
      Eragon feels an overwhelming burst of energy entering into him. From
      that moment on he and the dragon are inseparably linked by a magical
      bond. Then the story unfolds and Eragon becomes a dragon rider, fated
      to oppose the powerful rule of the evil king Galbatorix. He has much
      to learn and has several teachers who perfect him in the ways of the
      dragon riders, both in weaponry and in wisdom. Here the story has its
      parallels with the Star Wars saga, where Luke Skywalker is trained by
      yoda to become a jedi knight.

      Aside from a marvellous plot which is very well developed, highly
      entertaining and deeply thrilling, the most beautiful thing about the
      story to me is the relationship which develops between Eragon and
      Saphira, his dragon. The dragon is a highly intelligent and very
      evolved creature with both tremendous physical and occult powers. They
      communicate through thoughts, using their minds. By dint of their
      magical bond they have established such an intimate feeling of oneness
      that they experience each other's emotions and feel the other as their
      very own. I could not help but see this as a very powerful symbol of
      the spiritual relationship of a spiritual Master and his disciple. In
      the story Saphira's strength and capacities gradually enter into
      Eragon and become his. In the spiritual life the Master's light and
      consciousness gradually enter into the disciple to illumine him.

      It is an almost incredible fact that Christopher Paolini, the author
      of the story, started writing 'Eragon' when he was only fifteen years
      old and completed the second book of the saga, 'Eldest', when he was

      The book has won wide public appeal and last december you may have
      noticed the motion picture of 'Eragon' being released worldwide.
      I highly recommend the book to lovers of magic, elves, dragons and the
      eternal battle between good and evil.

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