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19338Swans and Gods

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  • cott_doris
    Dec 18, 2006
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      On a daily basis I am crossing a tiny river-bridge. I never miss to
      look out for the swans and stop to watch them. There is a 'couple' and
      a 'single' who are always together in a respectful distance. The water
      is clear and clean and I can see how easily they paddle with their
      fints against the stream. (In summer we would go swimming there and it
      was hard to swim against the stream, we slowly, slowly would be
      swimming backwards). I know there are hundreds of explanations for that
      yet to me it seems to be like a miracle. The swan as such is so
      beautiful created, and I wonder sometimes what might be in
      their 'minds'. Well, this sounds childish I know.

      In the evening when it is already dark the whole surroundings on the
      bridge look so different, kind of mysic. I have to look out for the
      swans and then ah.. there they are. The water seems to shine in black,
      peacefully murmering and the light of the lamps are reflected on it. As
      I said it might be childish but I have some sympathetic feelings about
      one of the swans being alone especially in the dark of the night. Only
      the moon is watching and the clouds are on their way.

      Like standing still in the flowing water just a little bit of dancing
      on the waves the two others are next to each other looking straight
      forward into the night noticing the third one passing by.

      Gently one of the two turns around and follows it; the 'left' one stays
      in unchanged position. I wonder what their stories are and leave it to
      the Unknown. Soon they would be standing united again looking into the
      same darkness of night.

      One of the stories might be that my outer eyes can't see the real
      beauty as so vividly captured on the following picture by Pavitrata. I
      will keep it in mind and may not feel the error in the heart when seing
      the swan floating 'lonely' on the river at night, as myself am not
      alone and lonely in this fast universe.

      May He quickly raise the curtain and let me SEE clearer.


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