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19324God's Flute

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  • bahlulie_julie
    Dec 14 7:24 AM
      Like the weight of many millennia,
      All consuming and final.
      Time and deeds are robbed of their colour, and
      Plunged into nothingness.

      But hark at The Flute!
      It's hum is waking the universe,
      Trilling dawn into perfect existence
      And casting beauty gold on a
      Single note.

      Hear it,
      Sounding softly, softly.
      Celestial music kindling hearts and
      Championing the skies, which never end,
      blue, blue, blue, never to end.

      Hear it,
      And watch the great hand, the great player,
      Deftly pour light through The Flute;
      Pour it into the land.
      Watch it-
      Vibrating joyfully, shouting to the oceans blue to hear the song.
      As it charters infinity's timeless dance.

      See it-
      Enter into the measureless ebb and flow
      That is the breath of the tiniest creature
      On earth.

      Feel it bind you with it's golden cord.
      Let it lead you to the piper,
      The Hand that plays The Flute.

      Watch it smash the doubt that threatens to freeze your heart.
      See it conquer the barren landscape inside you.
      Feel it pour its balm of sweetness into your very being.
      And hark in ecstasy;
      Existence thrills to hear Him play The Flute.

      - Julie :)