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19251OT: Time for a new camera?

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  • sharani_sharani
    Nov 30, 2006
      I forgot that messages created in Safari and submitted to the Inspiration Group
      automatically insert a funny partial line word wrap. Sorry that my recent messages
      featured this visual distraction. I am attempting to write in the Mac's textedit feature to
      see if that makes a difference. I only have the Safari browser on the computer I am
      borrowing so I will see if this is a good workaround for wraparound of lines in a proper

      I may be asking for camera advice soon from some of our members who like to take
      photographs. While my camera did not break when I fell and it too went flying through the
      air with a rough landing, I am now realizing that something in it must be damaged. Having
      loaded photos onto the computer from my trip and working with them in Iphoto, I see that
      perhaps 80 percent of them are somehow defective. The few that I worked with to get to a
      decent state required serious and drastic editing of things that should have been
      automatic. Perhaps I will bring it to a camera shop in the next place with a town nearby. Or
      I may have to buy a new camera.

      I guess my camera has its own version of a knock to the noggin as well. Now I just have to
      be patient and accept that it will be much more difficult to get good photographs on this
      vacation. I may load a few before I come home. There are at least a few that I like after
      much fussing with the brightness, etc.

      I hope if not many visuals wing their way over the Web that you can imagine instead that I
      am sending a comparable measure of goodwill and good wishes because so many of my
      fellow travellers carry our extended family inside our hearts.

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