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  • nayaknayaknayak
    Jul 30, 2006
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      Last night Sri Chinmoy was very tired from his trip to Tennessee and the
      concert there. Others will surely tell about that trip, but I wanted
      to focus on something else that shows his love
      for his students. The trip had been very, very tiring, due to an
      inordinate wait on the tarmac to take off the previous day, the rushed
      nature of the schedule due to travel delays, and other things, as
      swell as the usual crying need of so many people who come to see an
      enlightened man at these performances. He was exhausted, and you could
      see it in the way he walked and the way he sat in his chair during the
      function. Sri Chinmoy has written many times that being enlightened
      does not save you from being a human and suffering all that humans
      suffer in their bodies, only quite heightened because of the awareness
      of it at every level.

      In any case, Guru was tired. He told some stories about the trip while
      seated in his chair under the tent that is erected in our tennis
      grounds between Celebration periods to accommodate the weather. About
      200 people were there, and as usual, many visitors among them. He
      was ready to leave at about 10 p.m. and called for Prasad (blessed
      food). He had spent almost two hours with us already and really needed
      to go and rest--my opinion. But someone then reminded Guru that there
      were some plays that had been prepared. We saw the actors in their
      rehearsals and costumes earlier as we arrived at the function. So,
      with great enthusiasm he asked us to bring on the plays. His was
      not a tired, patient response, but a vigorous one! He knew that these
      actors had prepared and worked to please him and give him and us joy,
      and that gave him energy and enthusiasm. His tiredness momentarily
      vanished in this opportunity for him to give something more to us by
      listening to our silly plays, which delight him and us so much. Bring
      them on!

      So we had almost an hour of plays, plus Prasad, and then, even after
      Prasad, when Guru had given us so much, he still lingered and spoke
      with us softly and affectionately about a few more things, and only
      then did he leave.

      For me, when I am exhausted, I have nothing to give. But Sri Chinmoy
      seizes every opportunity to offer his love, even in the fact of
      overwhelming tiredness. That is how much he truly loves us. And you
      feel it.


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