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18337What is Patience?

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  • melinda_geelong
    Jul 5, 2006
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      When asked this question, Sri Chinmoy replied in 'The Wisdom
      of Sri Chinmoy" (all quotes are unofficial)

      "It is an inner assurance of God's unreserved love and
      unconditional guidance. Patience is God's power hidden in us to
      weather the teeming storms of life" and "Patience is your sincere
      surrender to God's Will"

      He says many beautiful things about this divine virtue but these
      two things have a particular appeal to me tonight as I struggle to
      find enough patience to appropriately parent a child who wants
      to make all the rules at bedtime and then have you at their beck
      and call. The demands of children are probably no more than the
      demands that we all place upon each other in our every day
      dealings at work, home etc but I have to wonder why I feel so
      exasperated by them in particular.

      Immediately the answer surfaces that it as all about control. If I
      try to control something outside of myself it becomes more like a
      wild elephant whereas if I concentrate on self control I am able to
      feel a hint of the unconditional guidance of which Sri Chinmoy speaks.
      As parents it is extremely tempting to try to control circumstances
      and indeed quite necessary at times to avoid danger or mishap
      but there is a big grey area that we enter into as the children get
      older. Admittedly there are also some self interest issues here
      that are another story and should not arise if I were truly
      surrendered to God.

      Nonetheless, preconditioned as I am to
      'controlling', I am finding it very difficult to function differently but if
      I really try hard to assimilate the advice about patience then I
      know I will come to see a better way.

      I have been rescued countless times by timely advice from Sri
      Chinmoy and as each new 'situation' arises it is just a matter of
      revisiting the principles and words of reassurance he offers.
      God's unreserved love and unconditional guidance.

      "Have patience in the body, you will be able to accept the whole
      world. Have patience in the vital; you will be able to hold the
      whole world. Have patience in the mind; you will neither forget
      nor lose the world. Have patience in the heart; you will feel that
      the whole world is not only with you and in you, but also for you."

      Lo, I feel better already!
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