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17745SriChimoy.tv is more active than ever !

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  • kedarvideo
    Apr 30 12:26 PM
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      Everybody speaks of RadioSriChinmoy.org having a regular service of
      nearly one new item per day, which is true and which is fantastic. Just
      recently I checked out the new weekly episodes "Inspiration-Sounds".

      But! ... that's not all! Also the visual brother of RadioSriChinmoy,
      the tv site


      is fast developing and offers now 2 to 3 new video clips per week, that
      you can download to your computer or iPod or enjoy them in full screen
      size on your deskop. Some people even save the items on the hard disk
      and show them later to their friends.

      Today's new item is for example an insight in Sri Chinmoy's tennis over
      the last 15 years. As you may know Sri Chinmoy is also an active
      sportsman and tennis was his favorite sport for many years. So, the new
      video shows you his tennis activities in 1990 and 1992 on his own court
      in Queens, NY and more recently during a Christmas vacation on Bali in
      2004. The clip can be watched on:


      Speaking of SriChinmoy.tv let me remind you, that every Thursday a new
      episode of "Inspiration-News light" is appearing on this site; no. 17
      will be released on May 4th. You can also subscribe to this weekly
      video podacst on iTunes, Democracy and many other directories. There
      are now several different production teams from around the world,
      compiling funny or intersting news in a codensed and amusing way.

      And now to you, dear member of the Inspiration Group! Let us know what
      you like so that we can adjust our themes. And tell us what you are
      missing. Your feedback is most welcome.

      Stay tuned and don't forget to regularly check www.srichinmoy.tv, you
      will be surprised! The first 47 videos, all compressed in Quick Time,
      are ready and many more will be added ...

      Kedar. Zurich
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