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16574Coretta Scott King - First Lady of American Civil Rights

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  • sharani_sharani
    Feb 1, 2006
      America lost a great leader when Coretta Scott King passed away on Jan
      30th. When her husband, Martin Luther King was assasinated in 1968,
      she took up the mantle of his cause and continued to work for a better
      world for all people regardless of race, gender or class. If you are
      interested in learning a little bit more about her, you can read a
      short biography and a collection of quotes in tribute to her at the
      website Soulful Tributes. On the tributes page, I have included some
      remembrances of her by friends and admirers on the occasion of her death:

      The website as a whole is slightly under contruction so please view it
      with gentle eyes.

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