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16569Re: Happy Birthday Prachar

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  • niriha7
    Feb 1, 2006
      Hi Sunirmalya,

      From what I can tell, Prachar had a splendid birthday because after a
      beautiful and blessingful meditation with him, Sri Chinmoy offered
      some amazing words of appreciation and encouragement to Prachar.
      Though he did not use the actual word 'stalwart', the meaning of what
      Sri Chinmoy said was just that among other highly complimentary comments.

      This evening, Prachar performed a play based on a true story about
      Tagore. In brief, it seems that Tagore was convinced to meet a young
      woman who was most accomplished in many things including music.
      Tagore is taken to her home where he listens to a remarkable
      performance on the piano by a beautiful lady. He is immediately
      smitten. Prachar who played the part of Tagore, played it nobly and
      to the hilt. After a few minutes of listening to this 'lady' (played
      perfectly by Sahadeva) playing the piano, Tagore faints - full out,
      flat on the floor and caught by his 'relatives' just before his head
      hits the ground. Truly funny!

      Anyway, it turns out that the beautiful 'lady' is the mother of the
      young woman and not the young woman herself. Of course when informed
      of his mistake Tagore thinks that if the mother is so beautiful then
      the daughter must be beyond imagining. So out comes the daughter –
      again Sahadeva who is a master at taking his God given classic good
      looks and turning himself into something quite ugly! It really
      happened that way as the daughter was purported to be rather ugly.

      Tagore managed to extricate himself from any commitment and went on to
      marry someone who was wealthy and gave all of her wealth to him. She
      died quite young.

      Adding to the charm and interest of the play was Prachar's singing
      some of Tagore's songs within the play. Rintu, an Indian student of
      Sri Chinmoy's who lives in Singapore and is an excellent singer also
      sang a few of Tagore's songs within the context of the play.

      I decided that it would be nice for Prachar to have a DVD of the play
      to perhaps show at an Australian joy days or at least in his center.

      Though of course I cannot speak for him, I would be willing to bet
      that Prachar did have a very nice birthday.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, Sunirmalya wrote:
      > To that master of the superlative,
      > the lexis of the convoluted letter, I commend to you my brother of
      > soul, a blissful and wonderful soul's day dear Prachar and may the
      force be
      > totally with you. I hope that all of this group will convey their best
      > wishes to him on his birthday as he is been one of the stalwarts of this
      > wonderful inspirational force.
      > Love and peace
      > Sunirmalya
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