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1655Stilt-walking and conquering fear

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  • emma_d_nz
    Nov 3 3:01 AM
      As part of our fundraising initiatives in the New Zealand Centres we
      have a long-standing tradition called the "Hi-Fliers", a concept
      invented by Subarata and Jogyata years ago that has been a very
      successful means of supporting many of our projects. Basically we are
      employed as children's entertainment - to do things like paint kid’s
      faces and stilt walking for special events.

      My stilt walking history starts a couple of years ago. I had a few
      practices and was set to do a job up until the last minute when it got
      cancelled due to rain (I was quite relieved!) Then I did a job in the
      opening of a mall for a couple of hours. This went pretty well, and
      the children were generally sweet.

      The next job I did was at a kid’s holiday program. There were two
      face-painters and me - the stilt walking clown. The first two or three
      minutes are the worst; just getting balanced and accustomed to being a
      metre or so higher than usual. As I meandered forward, a group of
      about twenty unruly ten year olds ran up to me yelling things like
      “hey you're on stilts, let me see them”. I stumbled along trying to
      keep my extra long polka dot trousers up as the kids tried to reveal
      the stilts under them; to be a friendly clown; and to dodge the
      out-of-control children. Unfortunately it all became too much and I
      toppled (like a tree) luckily onto the grass. The shame!!!
      Face-painter Kate came running over and rescued me…….needless to say
      the next two hours of the job were extremely tedious.

      This incident was a year ago and somehow I have managed to get out of
      every job since. Yesterday I could not swindle my way out and I had to
      do it. I worked myself up into a nervous state…butterflies and
      everything. Anyway it all went fine, after the initial fear I even had
      fun and it is a relief to conquer a fear that has been with me for all
      this time.

      “The aspiring heart has a flame, a burning flame that mounts towards
      the Highest. Where there is Light, there cannot be fear………”

      To read the rest of this talk on fear please visit:
      http://www.srichinmoy.org and find the topic ‘fear’ in the library.