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  • sharani_sharani
    Jan 30, 2006
      Hi Shirley,

      Thank goodness calamity was averted in this incident. I can certainly
      echo that praying for protection is ever important. I have been in the
      audience at many functions where Guru stresses the necessity that this
      type of prayer should be a daily occurence at your shrine at the start
      of your day. Your story also reminds me of his commentaries on
      gratitude wherein if you change your perspective on misfortune it too
      can even be cause for gratitude. In your example, I see it with your
      gratitude that at least you were awake when this happened and also
      with the excitement of getting to sit in the truck during the rain. I
      think the idea essentially is that whatever the mishap to remember
      that it could have been worse or that there are many who struggle with

      (Even though Abhinabha's comment about the children in the
      orphanage holding the torch was part of the "light" version of
      Inspiration News, it affected me deeply to ponder the children who
      have cell phones, tvs, computers, etc. and then the ones that do not
      have even any toys at all)

      I had a silver lining in misfortune moment myself today and have
      almost come to expect that there is a guidance involved in my life
      that will be clear in hindsight, shedding a postive perspective even
      on misfortune. Because I get a generous monetary bonus for not being
      out sick at my job, I usually try and succeed in making it through the
      whole year without ever taking a sick day. This weekend I was in the
      throes of a migraine headache, a rather new addition to my lexicon of
      sometime ailments. I prayed this morning about whether or not to go to
      work and got the feeling that I better stay home even though the
      headache was not in an extreme state this morning. Over the years of
      learning to listen to that inner voice, I rarely question its answer
      to my silent questions.

      Later in the day, I discovered that I had water in my basement near
      the furnace which concerned me because I have a tankless hot water
      heater inside the furnace. I had the service people from the oil
      company come and there is a major repair that is needed but it's being
      intercepted in time get the wheels rolling for the repair before the
      leak develops into an extreme state. Now if I hadn't stayed home, I
      cannot even imagine when I might have noticed that situation in the
      basement or have been home to have the repair people come.

      So to echo your story, I feel so grateful every time circumstances
      unfold to lessen the potential intensity of a calamity. And I try to
      remember that if I look with the right perspective, there's a blessing
      even inside something like a horrible migraine headache. I doubt I
      ever would have been receptive to these lessons without internalizing
      the loving guidance that Guru shares with us so unconditonally. And
      let me say again that I'm really glad you and your family are okay.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, ttstp <no_reply@y...>
      > Hi everyone,
      > I want to tell you about an incident which took place last night
      > and to remind everyone of the importance of praying for protection.
      > The weather here in Victoria was horrible yesterday- extremely high
      > winds which eventually gave way to rain bucketing down. Around 6 pm we
      > noticed the odd flash of light which we assumed was lightening.
      > Thunder and lightening are somewhat rare in this part of the world but
      > the way the weather patterns seem to be shifting around, we didn't
      > give it a second thought. Around 11 pm my two daughters and I were
      > watching television when there were several loud bangs and flashes of
      > light just outside our living room window. We all jumped up and looked
      > out, at first not seeing anything until my older daughter noticed that
      > the power line that comes from the utility pole across the street to
      > our house was sparking at a spot about 6 meters from the house. We
      > called the fire department, who arrived within minutes and they in
      > turn notified the Hydro company. The firemen shut off our power and
      > told us we had to get out of the house until the Hydro crew arrived to
      > repair the wire. The danger was that there could be a huge power surge
      > through the house. The hydro crew arrived and the wire was replaced by
      > about 12:30 am and our power restored. What I am so grateful for is
      > that this all took place while we were still up. Had this occured
      > during the night when we were all asleep, who knows what might have
      > happened. The least, a power surge frying all the ciruits; the worst,
      > a fire. I try to pray every day for protection, not only for my family
      > and dear ones, but also for my home and workplace.
      > This is an example of a serious situation which could have been
      > much worse, but I know that the Supreme's Grace protected us.
      > In gratitude,
      > Shirley
      > p.s.
      > The fun part about last night was that due to the pouring rain, we
      > got to sit in the fire truck until the hydro crew arrived!
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