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1631Another Marathon

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  • suchana27
    Oct 31, 2003
      Next Sunday, November 2, we have the Buenos Aires City
      International Marathon, you can get all the info in


      The site is in English and Portuguese, too. For those who do not
      know this big city, there are some few well-known photos. It is the
      first time there will be many singers and dancing traditional groups
      along the road from so many countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,
      Israel, Italy, Paraguay, Spain and Ukraine.

      The weather conditions are fantastic for this next weekend.

      I remember my Guru´s own recommendations when he said: ¨Do not
      think of distance as something you will cover. Do not think that you
      will be tired, you will be exhausted or you will die. You have to
      take running as a game you like to play.¨

      See you after the marathon!

      Love and Joy to everyone!