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  • utpalmarshall
    Dec 5, 2005
      For video viewers we have more inspiring news to share

      This program has been a while in coming but I hope it has been worth the wait.


      Our first story shows Sri Chinmoy's most recent record breaking lifts, both the overhead press of 740 pounds and his 256 pound dumbbell wrist curl. In his own words he says exactly why he performs these most extraordinary achievments. This is then immediately followed by a wonderful piece on his music. Sri Chinmoy gave a concert this fall in which he performed on 170 instruments. Kedar does a great job of sharing the essence of a marathon music session into just a few minutes.

      If all that weren't enough we then have stories of athletes doing remarkable things in distant places. For those of you who are a little unfamiliar with the tv site this may be a great oportunity to give it a try. We have as well, small versions of the program for those with limited connection speed.

      Once again I give my thanks to all those who put in long hours into making this program possible. And, wish to thank my guest host Sanjaya for sharing a chair beside me in front of the green screen.

      much thanks and enjoy