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15786Re: Transcendence-Perfection Anniversary

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  • morrisklein27
    Nov 6, 2005
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      Dear Arpan,

      Thank you so much for bringing up "Transcendence-Perfection", one of
      my very favorite collections of Sri Chinmoy's poetry. There are many
      reasons for this, but the main reason is that those poems have a
      lyrical intensity that makes my head spin whenever I immerse myself
      in them!

      And it's no surprise to me that you would have given away your
      personal copy of the book to a dear spiritual brother on his soul's
      day. Your heart of gold is well-known and much admired.

      Here's a poem from Transcendence-Perfection that I particularly like:

      # 695 "The Sun is Dancing"

      The sun is dancing,
      The moon is dancing,
      The stars are dancing.
      I am dancing this moment
      With the sun, moon and stars.
      Next moment I am sailing
      With the sky.
      The sky makes me feel
      That I am the vastness of Infinity's Heart;
      The sun, moon and stars make me feel
      That God's creation is for ecstacy's beginningless birth
      And endless journey.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, arpan_deangelo
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Tuesday, November 1 marks the 30th Anniversary of an incredible
      > literary achievement of Sri Chinmoy. It is a book of 843 remarkable
      > poems written in a single 24 hour period and then printed in the
      > day as well. I remember when it happened, although I was living in
      > Connecticut at the time and was not directly involved in the
      > excitement in New York during that whirlwind day of soulful creation
      > and manifestation.
      > If there is anyone, an 'old-timer', who was involved in some way,
      > perhaps they could share a story or two with us. I do remember that
      > after we bought the huge book for only seven dollars, which was the
      > size of a telephone directory book, Sri Chinmoy asked for anyone who
      > was inspired to memorize one hundred poems from the book. He said
      > in about a week he would test us on our memory with a fun 'exam'. It
      > was quite challenging and fun at the same time to memorize the
      > not just to recite, but to be able to write them down with proper
      > spelling, pronunciation and punctuation. I took the challenge and
      > studied with index cards. It really helped my meditation,
      > concentration and aspiration during that special week.
      > The following weekend, we went to Annam Brahma, to prove our
      > abilities. I think there were about 25 of us who took the challenge.
      > We had the little blue college like test books as we sat in the
      > room jotting down our poems one at a time by memory. I forget how I
      > rated, but I think I only got a couple of punctuations and words
      > wrong. It was a truly rewarding experience as Sri Chinmoy himself
      > walked around the room smiling and meditating with joy, gratitude
      > pride in his spiritual children.
      > This incredible poetry book also inspired me to create a slideshow
      > with photos from a trip I took to Canada that year and some
      > violin music in the background as I recited some of the profound
      > poetry from that classic book. This year I was inspired to take one
      > my original copies and start reading it again. But I could only find
      > one of two copies that I had and I hope to find the other one since
      > they are out of print.
      > I then was inspired to offer my copy to a very good disciple-brother
      > friend who I just found out was born on the exact same day as
      > Transcendence-Perfection was born, November 1, 1975. If he lets me,
      > will reveal his identity. I am quite curious to know if there are
      > other fortunate people in our midst who are turning 30 on that
      > auspicious day.
      > Also, if anyone wants to post some poems from that very special book
      > please do so now. If I find my second copy I will certainly post
      > poems here, or I can get the mystery birthday boy to offer a few
      > poems to us as well.
      > In any case, Happy Transcendence-Perfection 30th Birthday
      > Gratefully,
      > Arpan
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