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157353 Aphorisms for Inspiration

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  • melinda_geelong
    Nov 2, 2005
      These 3 aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy's encapsulate all I need to strive towards, boundless aspiration, unconditional love and pure surrender. Aaah, dream on! or as they say 'one step at a time' which my be why we call this the road of Eternity.

      He who has aspiration

      In boundless measure

      Will never have a maze

      Of unsolved riddles.

      When I love God unconditionally,

      I unmistakably hear

      The whispers from God's Heart

      When my surrender

      Is absolutely sincere and pure,

      God will bless me

      With an infinite expanse of Delight.

      all [unofficially] from Seventy seven thousand service trees, 19,025, 19,024, 19,023.

      I am grateful beyond measure to be on the road!