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15649Ambitious Prasad

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  • parashita7
    Oct 28, 2005
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      This week, I had an idea for a prasad item. I collected pictures of
      Celtic faeries and angels from the internet at work. I printed out the
      pictures on the color printer. They were beautiful! I added writings
      by Sri Chinmoy on the subject of fairies and angels and eventually had
      a 15-page booklet. I wanted to print it out 40 times to give for my
      birthday prasad (along with edible goodies of course.) Finally, I
      had to concede that the project was too ambitious. For the visual part
      of my birthday prasad, I found a great picture of Sri Chinmoy and
      printed it out at a copy place for everyone in my center.
      Simple is so much better.
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