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15208World Harmony Run

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  • mateszekely
    Oct 2, 2005
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      The World Harmony Run is a brilliant initiative. It connects 70
      countries, and still remains on the people's level. It moves hundreds
      of thousands of people, and still remains spontaneous. Unbelievebly
      simple, and still connects the aspirations of people with an
      elementary power.

      It's goal is maybe not to CREATE harmony, since harmony does exist in
      the world. Obviously not everywhere, not all the time, but it does
      exist: in individuals, and between individuals, in families, and
      between families, in nations, and between nations. It's goal is rather
      UNITING manifestations of harmony. In a way how creeks unite into
      rivers, and rivers unite into seas. At least I feel it like that. I
      imagine it like that.

      There is a huge potential in this event for the future.

      In the Hungarian organizations that I coordinate, some 20 or 30
      disciples work. Hundred percent on a voluntary basis. Of course on
      different places of all the national events countless „outsiders" work
      as well. In fact they are not outsiders. Theirs is the World Harmony
      Run. Mayors, teachers, trainers, voluntary organizers, policemen,
      journalists, and many more. We owe them really a lot of gratitude.
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