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  • ttstp
    Sep 30, 2005
      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your very personal experiences of
      the concerts. I appreciate your candour and sincerity and am grateful
      for the inspiration you have given me.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, rie_anke
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > I just can´t keep quiet after Sri Chinmoys extraordinary WORLD
      > HARMONY CONCERT tour through Germany. I had the chance to visit 7 of
      > his 9 concerts in 8 German cities. It was interesting to experience
      > his concerts from different "angles" each time (following some very
      > personal experiences):
      > For months we were preparing for the 2 concerts in Munich, were I
      > live. One day before "our concerts" we went to he World Harmony
      > Concert in Nürnberg. And it was just the right thing to get tuned for
      > next day. I talked to the visitors at the book table, experienced a
      > well organized crew but most importantly could absorb Sri Chinmoys
      > blessings that he pours down during each concert. – I was a concert
      > visitor myself.
      > Next day – from the angle of service – I was mostly involved in
      > organizing the disciples accomodation in Munich, giving out keys,
      > solving room problems but also receiving our specially invited guests
      > at the entrance before each of the two concerts. (I just love to
      > welcome people who come to our spiritual events. To me it is like
      > wecoming friends.) I would see everything in a different light: does
      > everybody have a place to sleep? Will they find their accomodation
      > (the main road got closed because of building just the other day!! –
      > nice surprise!!)? Did the special guests get their seats? Did my
      > guests come… It was hard to sit down at the beginning of the concert
      > and shut down the mind. But especially this two concerts were very
      > soulful. Sri Chinmoy concluded the first concert with a long silent
      > meditation. The public was very still and seemed to receive the
      > qualities offered through this special blessing. For me it was more
      > difficult to receive since everything on the outer level was so busy.
      > But service also gives you a special kind of fulfilment.
      > In Dresden (former East Germany) my whole family came to the concert:
      > mum, dad and my brother. Perhaps you have already experienced
      > something similar: you totally absorb the masters light through the
      > eyes and hearts of your family. My total concern was that they will
      > receive something in their hearts and souls and I tried to make it as
      > easy as possible for them (their minds). I discribed some of the
      > instruments, told them what I can feel from different pieces
      > performed (for instance the synthesizer – which is not always easy to
      > absorb if you listen with your mind instead of your heard). My
      > brother liked the synthesizer when I gave him the szene of a little
      > child playing drums on pots in the mothers kittchen – total joy and
      > enthusiasm. I was so happy when I felt that they do get something
      > inwardly and when I saw their joy of being here. They liked the
      > concert and Sri Chinmoy and also meeting many of my friends they had
      > already hosted at home or knew from previous meetings. A nice and
      > fulfilling family gathering with my inner and outer family indeed!
      > In Berlin I had invided one of my aunts to the concert. I think she
      > never heard of Sri Chinmoy before and had never tried to meditate. I
      > was really curious how she would respond. It was a kind
      > of "experiment". With her I experience the concert from the view of a
      > newcomer: what kind of group is this (women in saries, men in
      > whites)? What kind of music is this? Why is the maestro playing only
      > on one string of the guitar in such a naive way? Do I have to like
      > it? The music of the singers sounds like angels but what do they
      > sing? I do not understand it… I could feel many questionmarks in her
      > mind especially concerning the kind of music Sri Chinmoy plays. I was
      > asking myself if we could not make it easier for newcomers
      > to "understand" so that they can get over the barriers of their
      > minds and enter into their hearts more easily. Perhaps just a little
      > meditation or breathing exercise at the beginning, to feel the
      > harmony of the "World Harmony Concert". People who are new to the
      > field of meditation may feel that they are left alone in finding an
      > approach to the - for them challenging new - kind of music. They do
      > not yet know how to enter the heart and put aside the critical mind
      > to enjoy the peace and bliss that is coming along with Sri Chinmoys
      > performances. Somehow I feel sorry for those people who have to
      > leave.
      > For her it was definitely a unique experience. The left after the
      > concert with really new impressions, a CD of our group Ganga playing
      > Sri Chinmoys music (I could not resist telling her that I am part of
      > this music group so she would take at least something home that
      > reminds her of the concert and Sri Chinmoy) and the words: "I don´t
      > know if I liked the concert but I really appreciate people like Sri
      > Chinmoy who offer their lifes for the betterment of the world." A
      > nice statement! I was tired after experiencing the "mind" (I just did
      > not dare to forget about the mind and enter my heart, meditating in
      > silence – was afraid she would not be able to follow) but happy my
      > aunt had come to be part of the Berlin concert.
      > In Dortmund I came with the wish to just experience a deep soulful
      > meditation, talk to nobody and recharge my batteries that were
      > stressed by a cold I had caught in Munich. But I could not resist
      > greeting people at the entrance and offering them the programm.
      > Sitting in my seat I discovered that my neighbours were two 15 year
      > old school children, a black girl and her class mate. She was so
      > sweet! Her mother had given her the tickets because she could not
      > come. So the children went. This evening I could experience the
      > concert with the eyes of children. It was great! I told them a little
      > bit about the instruments and they immediately caught fire for Sri
      > Chinmoys performance. No mind – just heart! At the end – like in
      > school – they took the sheet with the questions, and noted their
      > experiences. Glancing at the paper I could see that they liked the
      > small synthesizer the most and marked it as their favourite
      > instrument… Such a nice experience! I was sitting still "receiving"
      > the music, meditating and they were part of my experience.
      > In Hamburg at the last concert I had my "personal best" experience of
      > the tour. From the beginning to the end of this concert I would only
      > experience bliss, joy and light. I could not help but sit straight
      > during the whole concert, smiling from one ear to the other in
      > delight. Wow! I experienced each song, each piece of music as a
      > prayer of the master,spoken for us or as soulful meditation,
      > meditated with us. Perhaps it was the service and outer concern
      > that I had put into the other concerts caring for guests, serving
      > visitors that made me more receptive for this concert. This one I
      > could just experience as beeing myself, perhaps my inner self.
      > It was also a nice experiencefor me to grow into the music more and
      > more with each concert during the tour. To me the highlights were the
      > powerful synthesizer-organ improvisations at the end of most
      > concerts. Terrific! If you would allow it to stream through your
      > body, vital, mind heart and soul it would simply wash away everything
      > that was standing in your spiritual way. I felt purified and reunited
      > with the Supreme`s will. I liked the warm, musical cello performances
      > and Sri Chinmoys powerful, sublime singing. Definitely the singing
      > was a favourite part for me. It conveys powerfully Sri Chinmoys own
      > spiritual appearance or vibration.
      > I also liked to recognize songs I knew, which the maestro played on
      > the various instruments. It is almost like meeting a friend you know:
      > songs like Mandire, Turiyer nandana… Sometimes part of the meaning of
      > a song I know comes to me and I start entering it. There is so much
      > to explore during a concert if you stay in the heart ( – in contrast
      > to staying in the mind as my Berlin experience). You can also pray.
      > It is a great experience to pray in the presence of a spiritual
      > master because it gets so intense. It is just as if your heart is
      > crying out to God. What a powerful thing! After the Hamburg concert I
      > felt like reborn. I had been able to receive so much spiritual
      > energy, light, God`s love, Sri Chinmoys purity – it felt like a new
      > beginning to me. Only a true spiritual master can give such an
      > experience! I am still getting inspiration now from this moments at
      > the concert. When I sit down to meditate or pray in front of my
      > shrine I try to recollect a moment from one of the concerts. It still
      > works: my mind gets still and I can enter a room of inner silence,
      > joy and bliss. I am extremely grateful for this experience!!
      > Anke, Munich
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