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14746Re: a marathon not run alone(plus more training inspiration)

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  • jwalanta_de
    Sep 4, 2005
      Hi Arpan,

      I was very happy to read your posting. You are writing very
      inspirational. Runners of any category (beginner to professional)
      should definately read your 7 steps to a successful marathon. Here is
      the link:


      As I said this was the first time ever that I seriously trained for
      the marathon. I actually started training last autumn and it gave me a
      lot of joy and enthusiasm. Diversified training is a key point for me.
      I really love going out in nature and run trails. To go an a track the
      next day is then much more fun.

      I fully agree with Arpan that there were way too many young runners
      behind him. This also includes me. :-( Fortunately this gives me
      plenty of space for more PBs :-)

      Happy training to all of you

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, arpan_deangelo
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Congratulations, Jwalanta and all the marathoners!!!!!!!!!!
      > That was a heroic effort and a good time.
      > If you want to keep pursuing your training or transcending your
      > achievements in the running world I can help you to some extent.
      > Even though we do not always identify ourselves with running or fast
      > racing, the discipline itself goes beyond the running identity into
      > spiritual realms as you now know. I have struggled with this for 33
      > years since I started running in 1972, but I am still going and so is
      > my spiritual life.
      > My 'Seven Steps to a Successful Marathon' is a start, but I would love
      > to offer more personal advice to anyone who is inspired to take the
      > steps to stay in shape, especially for matathons. I myself had a
      > pretty good marathon after a year of not such fast racing and now I
      > inspired to try to get close to or even break 3 hours again (at my
      > age, which is more than twice the marathon distance if you know what I
      > mean)
      > If I can do that, or even get close, I feel that many younger runners
      > can and should try to go at least under 3:30 for the marathon. It is
      > not that difficult unless we let our minds surrender to fear and
      > laziness. It is a thrilling experience which is worth all the effort
      > bgoth on a physical health level, mental health level and spiritual
      > level as well.
      > Try it! Go for it!! Anyone who is even thinking about a faster
      > marathon, talk to me or email me. I feel like there were far too many
      > much younger runners behind me in the marathon. I need more
      > competition. Let's go, now's the time.!!
      > Don't wait until next year. Stay in shape and keep racing shorter,
      > easier races. Lots more advice for anyone who wants it. Soon I will
      > have a website up called arpan.com with lots more inspiration for
      > Contact me in the meantime.
      > Gratefully training,
      > Arpan
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, jwalanta_de
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > For the first time ever in my life I was able to train seriously for a
      > > marathon. In autumn 2004 I was sick of barly finishing marathons,
      > > dying somewhere between Mile 15 and 20. The self transcendence
      > > Marathon 2005 should be different. No dying and if possible break my
      > > 15 year old PB.
      > >
      > > Before I say anything about me and my marathon performance I'd like to
      > > thank my trainer Uwe from Heidelberg, Germany. He spend hours with me
      > > on the phone listening to my problems with running schedules and
      > > workout sessions. His support was of tremendous help. Without him I
      > > would not be able to achieve any of the above mentioned goals.
      > >
      > > Second I'd like to thank Sri Chinmoy, for it is because of him that I
      > > find inner support and rest in our Lord Supreme. Without God I would
      > > not run a marathon at all and it is because of him that I can finish a
      > > marathon. In surrendering my entire being to God I find strength.
      > > Strength strongly needed to cover such a long distance.
      > >
      > > Third I'd like to thank Ambarish from Dublin, Ireland for running with
      > > me for almost the whole distance and making the run so entertaining.
      > > Last but not least a big THANK YOU to all the supporters and friends
      > > on the course that cheered us up.
      > >
      > > Because of all this I feld like not running alone. They all ran with
      > > me and made it possible to run my fastest marathon. Even though I had
      > > a strong energy loss in lap 6 and wanted to stop after lap 7 my final
      > > time was 3:42:09 hours. This is 13 minutes off my old PB from 15 years
      > > ago and 33 minutes better than last years performance.
      > >
      > > Straight after the race I did not feel any joy. It seemed that my body
      > > was too busy to recover from dehydration and exhaustion. Happiness
      > > came after about 45 minutes after I crossed the finish line. A wave of
      > > gratitude flooded my being. Thank you for that experience.
      > >
      > > Once again: Thank you everybody out there for your support.
      > >
      > > Jwalanta
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