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14727Waters of tragedy

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  • sharani_sharani
    Sep 2, 2005
      The newest album in the Sri Chinmoy Centre galleries features a
      project of the Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles aid organization
      wherein children are sending drawings to the thousands of children
      orphaned in the tsunami last December. How sad to see the
      destruction flooding can cause again not even one year later.

      I was out of the country on spiritual retreat last December so I was
      not at home when the U.S. part of our spiritual community initially
      responded for the relief efforts. Alas, a new tragedy has occured
      and my thoughts, prayers and concern are all on Louisiana. How odd
      to realize that in a country as big and diverse as America, I know
      about as much about New Orleans as someone from Europe or Asia
      probably knows. I have never visited there and was completely
      clueless that the city was so far below sea level with the levee
      system even making its existence possible.

      It is sad that sometimes the way that the world is made smaller and
      brought closer together is through tragedy. Any words of insight and
      wisdom escape me in moments like these but I felt compelled to
      acknowledge a disaster of this magnitude in however feeble a manner.