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  • dietlclaudia
    Sep 2, 2005
      Hi everybody,

      back from Celebrations I am still not "back to earth" yet. The sweet
      memory of this wonderful event is present in my heart and I am most
      grateful for everything that happened during the time I was in NY

      Especially the lifting functions I enjoyed a lot. When Sri Chinmoy
      lifts weights or people it always looks so easy. This time we had
      the honour to see a President, an impressing school
      choir and a Tennis star.

      Each event was special in its own way. To see a President of a
      country receiving the lifting award from Guru is really something.
      The tennis star could not help crying when she thanked Guru for
      all his wonderful work and was totally moved by the many disciples
      who appreciated her visit.

      The school choir was amazing. They had sung at the World Harmony Run
      Final at the UN and repeated their performance plus one more song.
      The texts had deep meaning and were encouraging. One song was about
      the people in your life that have supported you in some way. They
      sang of "The wind beneath my wings". This song I liked very much. It
      reminded me of all the good people I have met and made me once again
      humbly grateful for all my friends. After all I was reminded who the
      real wind beneath my wings really is and who made of me what I am
      today and I shed tears of gratitude to my Master for taking care of
      my life in the most wonderful way I could imagine.

      On one day Guru moved a "Merry go around" (hope that is the right
      name, we call it karrussel in German) with his feet and the children
      were allowed to sit on the animals. It was so beautiful to watch and
      a most joyful experience.

      So, the lifting functions were really uplifting.
      Thanks to all who make that possible.