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14697Re: Robert's Terrific Triple

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  • do_slava
    Aug 31, 2005

      I fully subscribe to the toast for Robert. Add to that the fact that he
      did the 2 mile self-transcendence race the day after the 47 mile race
      at a pretty good speed (I know because he passed me early on in the
      race), and his achievement becomes truly remarkable.

      Personally, with his self-giving and determination, he has given me
      over the last year since I have first met him a lot of inspiration.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, Rathin wrote:
      > I just wrote a glowing article about Robert Zuscin's Himalyan
      > achievement: finishing the 3100 mile race, Self-Transcendence
      > and the 47 mile race, all within the same month.
      > Unfortunately, I accidently clicked one of the mysterious buttons on
      > the side of the mouse here at the library, and my article
      > never to be retrieved! Alas, I have not the time to retype it. So let
      > us just acknowledge Robert with a cybertoast, raising our glasses of
      > virtual Chi (or Ojas as it is known to some) high into the sky ,
      > singing:
      > "Robert and his Terrific Triple!
      > Join us in our cyber (non-alcoholic) tipple!
      > Who else dares climb this summit high?
      > Only the stoutest of heart need apply!"
      > cheers,
      > Rathin
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