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  • volkhardtoz
    Aug 2, 2005
      Thankyou Bernice for posting that beautiful poem of Sri Chinmoy's. As
      for the recipe I'm afraid it is a little too secret and sacred to
      post. I would be in big trouble from my colleges!. However since you
      are a very trustworthy and deserving person I may consider faxing you
      a copy. I can tell you the most important ingredient though, it is
      LOVE. Whatever else goes into it is perfectly complemented by this
      all fullfilling flavour.

      -- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, bernice131313
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Kate,
      > Would a recipe be out of the question?
      > I recall enjoying your dal at Sushimitam's place earlier this year
      > during a joy weekend in Geelong. It was wonderful!
      > In exchange, I'd like to offer something by Sri Chinmoy....
      > "The food of my eyes is scenery. The food of my nose is fragrance.
      > The food of my ears is spiritual teaching. The food of my mind is
      > clarity. The food of my heart is purity. The food of my soul is
      > Liberation."
      > Excerpt from Arise! Awake! Thoughts Of A Yogi.
      > http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/arise-awake-yogi/341.html
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, volkhardtoz
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Undoubtedly our most popular and remarked upon dish at Joy-
      > Discovery
      > > cafe is the dal. It is also coincidently the dish that gives me
      > > most joy to make. I always start my day making the dal, so my
      > > is at it's highest,it has become a very sacred time for me. I
      > > know what it is about dal but there is something innately
      > > about this simple lentil soup. I always feel obligated to give it
      > my
      > > all. Sometimes I loose myself while stirring the pot of dal and
      > > marvelling at it's golden delight. As for the aroma, well it just
      > > soothes the soul. If I am uable to meditate well in the morning,
      > > few minutes of stirring the dal does wonders to keep my thoughts
      > > bay.
      > >
      > > I think it is the simplicity and sincerity of dal that I
      > > the most.It has no desire to be fancy and attract attention,it's
      > only
      > > goal is to satisfy and fulfill. It may be a simple dish to
      > > but the way in which it is made can result in a pot of gold or a
      > pot
      > > of slush.
      > >
      > > Now some people may say I'm a little obsessed, and perhaps they
      > > right.However my obsession has seemed to spread throughout Joy-
      > > Discovery as our new saying when anything suprising or shocking
      > > occurs is "HOLY DAL!" :)
      > >
      > > We could probably write a book of all the
      > > experiences we have had at Joy-Discovery that involve the Dal.
      > There
      > > are many custumers who have become quite addicted to it . One of
      > our
      > > regulars used to come in every day for weeks and ask to look at
      > > the dishes, then after marvelling over the various creations she
      > > would say "I think I'll have the dal"
      > >
      > > If anyone has any insights on the significance of Dal, or any dal
      > > stories I would be overjoyed to hear them.
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