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1438My Life's Soul-Journey, October 9

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  • matt_boulton73
    Oct 8, 2003
      Extract from "My Life's Soul-Journey" by Sri Chinmoy, entry for October 9

      I bow to the light that never dims.

      Right now our goal is purest light. In this case, our work is to cry
      inwardly. We have to inwardly cry like a child for inseparable oneness
      with the Supreme. the child cries for what it wants, and the mother
      always comes. No matter where she is, she comes to offer the child
      whatever it wants. Similiarly, when we cry in the inmost recesses of
      our heart, our request is granted. But everything depends on the
      sincerity of our inner cry. If our cry is sincere, God is bound to
      grant it. If we cry inwardly for spiritual things- for peace, light
      and bliss-then we are bound to achieve these divine qualities.

      I do not need miracles, please.
      I do not even want
      To see miracles, please.
      I need and expect only
      A crying heart and a smiling life.

      Posted by Matt Boulton