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  • bernice131313
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Dear Kate,

      Would a recipe be out of the question?

      I recall enjoying your dal at Sushimitam's place earlier this year
      during a joy weekend in Geelong. It was wonderful!

      In exchange, I'd like to offer something by Sri Chinmoy....

      "The food of my eyes is scenery. The food of my nose is fragrance.
      The food of my ears is spiritual teaching. The food of my mind is
      clarity. The food of my heart is purity. The food of my soul is

      Excerpt from Arise! Awake! Thoughts Of A Yogi.

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, volkhardtoz
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Undoubtedly our most popular and remarked upon dish at Joy-
      > cafe is the dal. It is also coincidently the dish that gives me the
      > most joy to make. I always start my day making the dal, so my focus
      > is at it's highest,it has become a very sacred time for me. I don't
      > know what it is about dal but there is something innately spiritual
      > about this simple lentil soup. I always feel obligated to give it
      > all. Sometimes I loose myself while stirring the pot of dal and
      > marvelling at it's golden delight. As for the aroma, well it just
      > soothes the soul. If I am uable to meditate well in the morning, a
      > few minutes of stirring the dal does wonders to keep my thoughts at
      > bay.
      > I think it is the simplicity and sincerity of dal that I appriciate
      > the most.It has no desire to be fancy and attract attention,it's
      > goal is to satisfy and fulfill. It may be a simple dish to prepare
      > but the way in which it is made can result in a pot of gold or a
      > of slush.
      > Now some people may say I'm a little obsessed, and perhaps they are
      > right.However my obsession has seemed to spread throughout Joy-
      > Discovery as our new saying when anything suprising or shocking
      > occurs is "HOLY DAL!" :)
      > We could probably write a book of all the
      > experiences we have had at Joy-Discovery that involve the Dal.
      > are many custumers who have become quite addicted to it . One of
      > regulars used to come in every day for weeks and ask to look at all
      > the dishes, then after marvelling over the various creations she
      > would say "I think I'll have the dal"
      > If anyone has any insights on the significance of Dal, or any dal
      > stories I would be overjoyed to hear them.
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