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  • anubha2708
    Jul 30, 2005
      Once when attending a class given by someone in the Centre (I wish I
      could remember who that person was!) I remember hearing something
      that, years later, has remained with very powerfully.

      They were commenting on a eastern belief that went something like
      "The greatest Blessing is to have a human incarnation so we can make
      progress on earth,
      An even greater Blessing is to lead a spiritual life in this life,
      And the greatest of all possible Blessings is to have an Avatar to
      guide and carry you along the Way."

      Now, for years I have remembered this and a few weeks ago flicking
      through a book (that I dont even remember if it was Guru's) I saw the
      actual precise wording of this prayer or prose (whatever it should be
      called). Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to my great
      discovery at the time.

      Is there anybody out there in any corner of the cosmos that might
      know either - where I saw this or where I might be able to find it
      perhaps somewhere else?

      Love and gratitude
      Anubha, Australia :-)
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