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1414Re: I sing, I smile

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  • ckglotus
    Oct 2 8:00 PM
      Suchana: congratulations on your Anniversary on the Path! What a great bles=
      sing to
      receive the Love and guidance of Sri chinmoy, and what a joy to get to know=
      his path all these sincere seekers who cry for God-realisation! Gratitude t=
      o all my
      brothers and sisters who walk on this path!-Kamalakanta

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, suchana27 <no_reply@y...>
      > September is Spring in the Southern hemisphere. Springs means
      > newness of nature and soul. Thank you to my spiritual teacher to have
      > come to me on this blessed day, twenty-one years ago!
      > Let me share this beautiful poem with you all:
      > I sing because You sing,
      > I smile because You smile.
      > Because You play on the flute
      > I have become Your flute.
      > You play in the depths of my heart.
      > You are mine, I am Yours:
      > This is my sole identification.
      > In one Form
      > You are my Mother and Father eternal,
      > And Consciousness-moon, Consciousness-sun,
      > All-pervading.
      > ¨My Flute¨, Sri Chinmoy
      > Gratitude infinite for all the inspiring messages posted!
      > In oneness-joy,
      > Suchana
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