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13815Re: Where are all the NZ Girls?

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  • shardul_nz
    Jul 5, 2005
      Hi Durba,

      Thank you for your kind and encouaging words - they are very touching.
      It is true that many of the Kiwi girls and the boys are preparing for
      the pilgrimage to visit Sri Chinmoy in August. Many of us have such
      fond memories of joy-weekends in Australia - and for some like
      myself who came across Sri Chinmoy's path there, vivid memories of the
      long trips to those special gatherings are often recalled and
      recounted. Such adventures we had.

      For instance:

      Once Simahin and I drove his battered old Ford Falcon 500 all the
      way from Adelaide to Brisbane. The journey to Brisbane took us some 28
      hours but the return took over 40! We were so tired from all the
      running around that we did during the weekend that we often fell
      asleep on the side of the road with the engine running. Consequently,
      we ran out of petrol near Broken Hill at about 1am in the morning and
      as the car engine began to cool, the heater began to blow cold air.
      Growing colder by the minute, we were fortunately rescued by a couple
      of policemen who were driving by and they took us into the town,
      supplied us with petrol and offered to take us up to the station for
      some food.

      In the outback of Australia, the police are obliged to help stranded
      travelers. "We have ordered some pizza for you!" they told us. Both of
      us were starving and when we got to the station, the smell of pizza
      was overwelming. We were like two excited school children at
      Christmas! Sitting in the station canteen, we opened the pizza
      box to discover a huge 'meatlovers special' waiting for us. We were,
      as they say, gutted! It was not easy to explain to two burley country
      constables that, despite the fact that we were famished, we were
      vegetarians and were not going to tuck into their kind offering. They
      tut-tuttingly drove us tree-hugging liberals back to our vehicle after
      we had emptied their quarters of all traces of tea, biscuits, and
      anything that did not have meat in it, and left us once again in the
      dark stary pre-dawn outback. We slowly drove back to Adeaide on empty
      stomachs, with near empty wallets and petrol tank, but with full and
      happy hearts from a great weekend of fun and adventure. Somehow we got

      I will never forget the night sky in the Australian outback...

      And let us not forget that it was Australia who played host to the
      disciples that eventually came to New Zealand to inaugurate the Kiwi
      branch of the Sri Chinmoy Centre - Jogyata and Subarata. Thanks

      Hope you all have a great Joy-Weekend in Geelong!

      With Gratitude ... Shardul.

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, durba_l
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I can't help but to put in a word or two for my esteemed Kiwi
      > sisters. I have had many many opportunities to work with and get to
      > know many of the Kiwi sisters very well. I think that it one of the
      > most rewarding aspect of the path is that one is given tremendous
      > opportunity to work with people you would otherwise never do. And
      > through these association many good friendships are formed and one
      > truly learn to appreciate the quality of different nations.
      > I must say and I am sure many will agreed, that our Kiwi sisters
      > giving and devotion is most enviable, nay unparallel. They are the
      > ones who managed to make the pilgrimage to New York three times a
      > year and even sponsoring less fortunate disciples to go to as well.
      > Look at their 21 achievements last April - is nothing short of pure
      > inspiration and aspiration.
      > If they are not coming it is probably because they are preparing
      > BIG projects for the coming August celebration.
      > Dare I venture at this point to suggest to ourselves for a little
      > self-introspection as the host nation :-)
      > Great great admirer and lover of our Kiwi sisters
      > Durba
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