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13746Re: Where are all the NZ Girls?

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  • durba_l
    Jun 30, 2005
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      I can't help but to put in a word or two for my esteemed Kiwi
      sisters. I have had many many opportunities to work with and get to
      know many of the Kiwi sisters very well. I think that it one of the
      most rewarding aspect of the path is that one is given tremendous
      opportunity to work with people you would otherwise never do. And
      through these association many good friendships are formed and one
      truly learn to appreciate the quality of different nations.

      I must say and I am sure many will agreed, that our Kiwi sisters self-
      giving and devotion is most enviable, nay unparallel. They are the
      ones who managed to make the pilgrimage to New York three times a
      year and even sponsoring less fortunate disciples to go to as well.
      Look at their 21 achievements last April - is nothing short of pure
      inspiration and aspiration.

      If they are not coming it is probably because they are preparing some
      BIG projects for the coming August celebration.

      Dare I venture at this point to suggest to ourselves for a little
      self-introspection as the host nation :-)

      Great great admirer and lover of our Kiwi sisters

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, karina_ward1
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > At out weekly meeting last night we were discussing the
      > Joy weekend in Sunny Geelong next weekend. I was happily listening
      > Sushmitams report about the wonderful things we would be doing when
      > an after thought it was mentioned that only 3 NZ girls were
      > coming. I originally thought that I had misheard and that 30 girls
      > would surely be coming, but no, it was only 3. I am sure that you
      > all busy buying your tickets at this very moment or at least I hope
      > are. The best Joy weekend I ever went on was the one in Auckland
      > 2002. I have so many great memories of meditating in that
      > centre and eating in that wonderful cafe. You were all so self
      > giving. I had only been around for a little over a year and It was
      > very inspiring to see so many aspiring people. I could not believe
      > when you gave us those T-Shirts as gifts, they even had our names
      > them. I wear mine all the time.
      > See you next weekend.
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