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  • dchaudhurani
    Jun 29, 2005
      Our Centre is working on a project and I just wrote an entry for them
      so I'll copy it here and perhaps it will be posted. It explains who
      some of the people I live and work with and therefore mention in my
      postings are. For this project we had to choose some favourite poems
      and say something inspiring or interesting about our disciple life.

      My Spiritual children
      If I have Love, if I have Compassion, if I have Light,
      If I have Power, if I have Peace, if I have Delight,
      Then it is all for you, all for you, all for you.
      O my sweet children
      It is with you, for you and in you
      That I exist here on earth.

      Sri Chinmoy


      I met Guru in June 1973. This poem was framed in the London Centre, a
      red brick bungalow in a quiet road of West Acton. It immediately
      became my favourite. At that time I lived in Birmingham and it
      remains my Holy City. Some of the friends I stay with when I work
      there are `secret disciples.' Encouraging these friends in their
      lives of aspiration and devotion gives me tremendous joy. I am
      including the song, Ai, Ai, Ai, on behalf of my `Birmingham family.'
      The translation reminds me that Guru's life is for all.

      Come, Come, Come,
      O moon, O stars, O sun of the blue-vast sky.
      Come to hear the flute of immortality in my heart,
      To watch the smile of infinity in my life.
      Here there is no human poverty, no darkness-life.
      Here in this heart-nest of mine
      There is only an endless fountain-light.
      Come, Come, Come,
      Today the bird of my heart desires everyone.
      Come, Come, Come,
      O moon, O stars, O sun of the blue-vast sky


      My `Birmingham aspiration-family' includes:
      Roy, wife Carrie and children Chris, Tom and Sarah
      and her two daughters – Jamila and Orisha. The girls are my
      God-daughters and have grown up with Guru. I am very proud of them.
      Tony, a true brother to me, is a musician and meditates on Guru's
      photograph before rehearsing and performing. He sends Guru his CD's.
      His wife Marie and children Carl, Zoe, Charlotte and Connor: his
      brother Alan his wife Mandy (who Guru helped when she had cancer) and
      their children – Lee, Nicola Anthony and Christopher also love Guru.
      Rukhsana asked me to place her two boys (Shoib, now aged 14 and Adnan
      now aged 13) at my `Master's feet' in April 2003. They are also
      serious `secret' disciples. This family came to see Guru in Oxford in
      June and at the Albert Hall concert in October. The boys call
      me `Grandma' a title I embrace with joy.

      There are two other special people I wish to mention here. Manju and
      her granddaughter Amrita - the only two disciples in the city of
      Calcutta. Manju is staying with us in London. Recently she was
      reading to me from Guru's books as I was getting ready to leave for
      Birmingham. As she read I would call out `Can you mark that one?' I
      copied the passages and poems we selected and shared them with my
      Birmingham family later that week. As I couldn't decide which of
      these inspiring poems to end with I just phoned Shoib and this is the
      one he has chosen:

      God created you
      For only two purposes:
      One is to be true to Him
      And the other is
      To be true to yourself.

      ~ (From The Divine Hero by Sri Chinmoy ) [unofficial]

      Love to all

      from Diana