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13742Where are all the NZ Girls?

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  • karina_ward1
    Jun 30, 2005
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      At out weekly meeting last night we were discussing the Australia/NZ
      Joy weekend in Sunny Geelong next weekend. I was happily listening to
      Sushmitams report about the wonderful things we would be doing when as
      an after thought it was mentioned that only 3 NZ girls were actually
      coming. I originally thought that I had misheard and that 30 girls
      would surely be coming, but no, it was only 3. I am sure that you are
      all busy buying your tickets at this very moment or at least I hope you
      are. The best Joy weekend I ever went on was the one in Auckland in
      2002. I have so many great memories of meditating in that wonderful
      centre and eating in that wonderful cafe. You were all so self
      giving. I had only been around for a little over a year and It was
      very inspiring to see so many aspiring people. I could not believe it
      when you gave us those T-Shirts as gifts, they even had our names on
      them. I wear mine all the time.

      See you next weekend.
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