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13556My Life's Soul-journey

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  • chakori_aharan
    Jun 21, 2005
      June 22

      Remind me, my Lord, from time to time,
      that You have taught me how to love the
      world unconditionally.

      Each moment we are given ample opportunity to
      love mankind. If we really love mankind, then we
      want to offer devoted service to mankind. When
      we really want to enlarge our existence, expand
      our consciousness and be one, inseparably one,
      with the Vast, then surrender is the only answer.
      Each moment we see right in front of us a barrier
      between one human being and another-an
      adamantine wall between two people. We cannot
      communicate properly, wholeheartedly and
      soulfully. Why? Because we are wanting in love.
      Love is our inseparable oneness with the rest of
      the world, with God's entire creation. We can
      break asunder this adamantine wall on the
      strength of our soulful love.

      Develop soulfully pure tears
      Of oneness-love.
      Then the universal life of beauty
      Will be all yours.

      Sri Chinmoy

      from the book
      "My Life's Soul-journey"
      Daily Meditations

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