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  • melinda_geelong
    Jun 19, 2005
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      I am reflecting upon the power of determination this morning as I
      realise how susceptible I am to being distracted by the turmoil of
      everyday life. In order to remain focussed I must cultivate
      determination to be nice to the peolple around me and to remember that
      life is actually very simple when we follow the dictates of our heart
      and not our mind.
      As I was taking my daughter to school to begin school camp this
      morning I was feeling her apprehension and excitement mixed with a
      little anxiety and I was thinking how incredibly contagious these
      emotions can be. Even my awareness of them didn't protect me from them
      because I am hard wired to have my own set of reactions to these
      things myself. What, I was thinking, is the answer?
      I very much enjoyed transforming all these worries through a quiet
      moment in the sun resting against the fence and waiting for the bus to
      depart. Then the answer came loud and clear.
      Be determined to transform your nature
      Be determined to try harder to remain in a higher consciousness
      Be determined to prevent the trivia of the outside world from
      distracting you from doing your best.
      Be determined to win in the battlefield of life
      Be determined to please your Lord Beloved Supreme in his own way.
      Be determined to claim Him as your own.

      Feel the power of determination.
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