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  • melinda_geelong
    May 1, 2005
      Nayak, my belief after having worked closely with domestic
      animals for 20 years as a Veterinarian, is that if their
      souls choose to be incarnated into a life of close proximity
      to humans then they are often extremely receptive to our love
      or other feelings. There is much evidence to support that
      animals instincts are highly refined receptors to forces that
      we as humans have indeed "clouded" with the thick layers that
      Guru describes; layers produced by a developed and
      unillumined mind. The domestic animals have the mercy of
      undeveloped intellect and as such will rely on body language
      and the vibrations that we generate when we wish to
      communicate at a nonverbal level. They can read us very
      clearly. ( please do not pat wild animals who have had no to
      minimal human contact!)

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