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120Re: Sri Chinmoy's Achievements

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  • agrahaj <agraha@bontempi.net>
    Jan 13, 2003
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      Dear Walter,

      Thank you for your extremely, extremely inspiring message. I look
      forward to seeing the areas you will be adding as well and also
      areas others will add. I would like to add one field to your list,
      Friend of Friends.

      Whenever I need help, encouragement, inspiration or upliftment, Sri
      Chinmoy is there for me--and I know he is there for all of us. He is
      so utterly selfless and self-giving and his oneness with humanity is
      so profound, that if anyone really needs help, he is there!

      Recently I had a very sore disappointment. I tried very, very hard
      to achieve something and did not succeed at all. The day before the
      final message of refusal came, Sri Chinmoy said to me that I must
      put into practice one of the great lessons of the Bhagavad Gita--
      that we are entitled to our actions, but we must surrender the
      fruits of our actions to the Supreme and then move onwards!

      What a friend Sri Chinmoy is I cannot express in words! Imagine Sri
      Chinmoy's love that he would realise the intense pain I would feel
      and give me a specific solution to go beyond that pain -- and all in
      advance of its happening!!!

      With all of Sri Chinmoy's friends, no matter what status the person
      has, his love is so healing, so perfect in the way it is offered to
      the person.

      I thank you once again, Walter, for your most inspiring posting.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, "Walter Dorn"
      <Walter.Dorn@r...> wrote:
      > Every and every person who has studied with Sri Chinmoy will be
      able to
      > make his or her own list of Sri Chinmoy's most significant areas
      > achievement. Here, I offer my first four, in the order in which I
      > value them. More to come.
      > 1. Master of Meditation. Sri Chinmoy perfected meditation during
      > years of practice in India, meditating sometimes more than eight
      > a day. For me, the degree of his achievement in meditation is
      > apparent from the inner light that radiates from his many people,
      > myself included, who have had visions, dreams and powerful
      > of our own involving Sri Chinmoy. These inner experiences only
      > confirm, in a way that no outer experience can, the inner height
      > power of the meditation master.
      > 2. Spiritual Teacher. In addition to being inspiring and illuming
      > Chinmoy's teachings provide the most comprehensive, self-
      consistent and
      > clear set of explanations about the experience that we call life,
      > inner and outer. I have had the good fortunate of studying in
      > three of the world's great religions (Christianity, Hinduism and
      > Buddhism), and have read the writings of many saints and sages
      > different ages. Earlier in my life, I trained to become a
      > minister, and I also studied under several other spiritual
      masters, but
      > I have found in Sri Chinmoy's philosophy such a wide range and
      > understanding of life that my seeming insatiable string of
      > and my quest for understanding has been quenched. Now I realize
      > it is in the practice of these teachings that real satisfaction
      > comes. Here, again, Sri Chinmoy is a perfect example.
      > 3. Prolific and Manifold Author. Sri Chinmoy's writings will be
      > valued by generations and for incarnations to come. They are a
      > boat to seekers trying to make sense of life and find peace
      > Not only do these writings embody his teachings, they also contain
      > inspiration for the spiritual seeker, including some of the most
      > beautiful poems ever written. The book, My Flute, is filled with
      > rhyming metered poetry that is as sublime as one can find. But
      > spiritual philosophy and poetry form only a part, albeit the most
      > important part for me, of his writings. He has also written
      > of books of stories, many drawn from his own unique life.
      > For an unprecedented selection of Sri Chinmoy's electronic
      > see: www.srichinmoylibrary.com
      > Other categories to be covered in subsequent e-mails are:
      > extraordinaire, musician incomparable and artist fantastique.
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