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11910A happy return!

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  • purnakama2000
    Apr 17, 2005
      Hello to all!

      I will keep this very short as I've just gotten off of the plane,
      and am quite tired, but peacefully happy.
      I will write more specific things tomorrow, but for today I just
      want to somehow share the joy, light and sweetness that I feel after
      having spent only 4 and a half days in NY with Sri Chinmoy and many
      of his students.

      To be in Sri Chinmoy's presence is to have no worries, no cares,
      only the eternal now.
      Upon returning, any worries that you did have somehow don't seem as

      I'm sure that there will be many wonderful function reports within
      the next few days that will tell of things like the outstanding and
      moving experience of singing the newly born Harmony Run Song, the
      personal triumphs at the 12 hour walk, and the many sweet and
      wonderful moments with our Guru; and even though I was there, I can
      hardly wait to read the reports so that I can experience it all
      again through someone else's eyes.

      Filled with light,
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