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  • sharani_sharani
    Apr 2, 2005
      Change is the only constant - a timeless truth of course, but one that
      nonetheless catches me by surprise every time. I fancy myself the
      flexible sort, with so many years of meditation under my belt, but
      life's transitoriness gets me every time. For instance, with a new
      boss at the helm, my job of umpteen years changed from top to bottom.
      Rather than being flexible, the reality was that the changes in my job
      didn't feel easy at all. Of course, now I'm settled into the different

      Viewing change with optimism - Shane, I like this perspective in your
      message as a way to not feel like we're already picking the pear off
      the tree as changes happen here in the group :-). As a regular reader
      and contributor, I offer appreciation to the new moderators taking up
      the helm! And it goes without saying that as Shane put it, "no
      suitable expression of thanks" or well-deserved golden parachute can
      be found for the former AM's obvious hard work during his tenure.


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, shane_dublincentre
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Sumangali and AM,
      > No suitable expression of thanks to the pair of you for what you
      > done here had found its way to me yet, I'm relying it to pop out
      > naturally of its own accord in the middle of the post somewhere....
      > It is a little unfortunate that the pair of you went at the same
      > but nobody plans these things. I think this group of posters is a
      > transitory one by nature - if one clicks on messages twelve months
      > later one finds completely different faces posting than those
      > now. Maybe that's as it should be, that this group is a forum for
      > people to find their wings of expression before moving on to greener
      > pastures, or even to get out a few things they really badly needed
      > say before diving deep within again. (Sumangali, I do hope those
      > greener pastures will include a wider audience for your work and way
      > of expressing things.)
      > The temptation is to imagine that with the loss of such an amazing
      > moderator and one of our best posters, all is in danger of going
      > pear-shaped...I have reason to think otherwise. Let me try to
      > why.
      > First of all, some might take the fact that there's only a dozen or
      > regular contributors as a sign of a group's fragility; I wouldn't. I
      > had occasion to talk to another frequent poster to this group a few
      > months ago, and she reckoned everyone in the group had their own
      > niches that they occupied. Hence my interpretation would be that if
      > newcomer to the group had a very similar style to a long-time
      > he/she might say "Oh, he/she's doing that kind to thing already, and
      > doing it much better." I wouldn't even try to put names on these
      > niches, I only have a kind of subtle feeling about them, but I do
      > the room begins to get crowded after a dozen or so, and it becomes
      > hard to find a new niche from which to express yourself comfortably.
      > Of course, a group like this should aspire to facilitate different
      > people writing from the same niche in a spirit of
      > but our imperfect human nature being what it is... I can definitely
      > think of a few people who have struggled to find their voice here
      > despite their best of intentions.
      > I'm not saying that now Sumangali's wandered off for a little bit
      > there's going to be a horde of previously repressed would-be
      > Sumangalis scrapping it out for the title of 'Handmaiden to Nature's
      > Beauty'...I think I'm saying rather that with a change of AM, these
      > niches might get juggled around a bit, and new people might find a
      > comfortable arena in which to express themselves (conversely, some
      > timers might find it tough going... :) ).
      > Anyway this niche thing is only a metaphor, but it encourages me to
      > look at the changes here with optimism, whilst still appreciating
      > magnitude of the AM and Sumangali's contribution to the group over
      > past year. I'm looking forward to seeing the AM as an occasional
      > poster - understandably, his writing talents were somewhat
      > to trying give direction to this group during his tenure as
      > so it will be a wonderful thing if he can 'let rip', as they say.
      > I think also it's worthwhile reminding people that this group has an
      > audience considerably bigger than what most of us imagine it has,
      > that the group makes a daily difference to hundreds of people we
      > never even meet.
      > Shane
      > --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com,
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Thank you all for the opportunity to be of some small service. The
      > > past year has been a fantastic learning experience, one for which
      > > I'm extremely grateful.
      > >
      > > Lately I've been feeling selfish for continuing to hold onto the
      > > reins when there are so many other people with ideas for new
      > > projects and new directions that the group might take. I've been
      > > fortunate to be able to bring the group a short distance on its
      > > journey. Now I feel the time is right to give others a chance to
      > > what they can do.
      > >
      > > Thanks to all of you who have made my time as assistant moderator
      > > very rewarding experience. It took me a while to let go, realizing
      > > how much I will miss you all! Some of you have moved me far more
      > > than you can imagine.
      > >
      > > The daily experience of signing on has added some spiritual
      > > discipline to my life which would otherwise be lacking. I hope I
      > > find a way to continue that very positive influence - maybe as a
      > > reader and occasional poster.
      > >
      > > As regular readers know, I've tried to make the board entertaining
      > > and fun, with an emphasis on original articles written in a
      > > jargon-free style. I hope that tradition continues.
      > >
      > > I've also been very concerned about the problem of harassment of
      > > spiritual groups which are harmless, benign, and have no history
      > > abuse. This has made me rather cautious, and I'd like to apologize
      > > again to anyone I've offended by my heavy-handed style of
      > > moderation. My intentions were always good. Now, as others bring
      > > dynamism and inspiration to the group, it's up to them to offer
      > > guidance. I have every confidence they will do a super job!
      > >
      > > Sri Chinmoy Centre has always been a small, sincere spiritual
      > > Much of the general public doesn't know anything about this path,
      > > and as I discussed in message #4413, there are people who
      > > consciously and intentionally try and misrepresent Sri Chinmoy's
      > > life and teachings. So one of the things we've been doing here
      > > online - aside from sharing daily experiences, poetry and humor -
      > > introducing Sri Chinmoy's path to the general public.
      > >
      > > I'm very grateful that people responded to the call to bring out
      > > their natural sincerity in discussing their own lives. I know I'm
      > > not the only one concerned with communicating clearly and
      > > One person wrote to me:
      > >
      > > "I am very, very proud of our disciples and feel very privileged
      > > belong to this community. It would be rare to come across another
      > > group of people in this world who are so essentially good and have
      > > such a strong spirit. But we are introverted. When we write it is
      > > often as if we were writing our personal diaries. The language or
      > > the concepts are not what is used by the rest of the world. We
      > > punctuate our sentences with 'gratitudes' and like to discuss
      > > such as 'eternal nows.' So now we have to train ourselves to think
      > > what is it that interests the reader... [W]e hope that ... we may
      > > able to have an afternoon to talk about such things with our
      > > writers. The focus of this workshop would be to help us write for
      > > others -- with the view of getting it published."
      > >
      > > I applaud such efforts and feel this is something very, very
      > > positive.
      > >
      > > Anyway, thank you for bearing with me as I share these parting
      > > thoughts. I look forward to seeing all the progress you are
      > >
      > > Sometimes when friends part, they say "Until we meet again." I
      > > that because it holds out hope that they *will* meet again. If I
      > > only said "Goodbye," it would hurt too much. So with much love in
      > > heart, I will say "Until we meet again." I will miss you all very,
      > > very much!
      > >
      > > Warmest wishes to all friends and contributors,
      > >
      > > Assistant Moderator
      > >
      > >
      > > [Note: This concludes my duties as A.M. All subsequent postings
      > > emails will be read by the next moderator(s).]
      > >
      > >
      > > Seafarer (for the Bhajan Singers)
      > >
      > > I have come to this shoreline
      > > To think about my life
      > > Leaving the dust of the city far behind
      > > And lo! the spiritual mendicants have come!
      > > In a golden boat, singing songs of Thakur*,
      > > Making barely a ripple,
      > > They are spreading all hope and joy.
      > >
      > > Now strolling upon the very banks,
      > > And on the shining green swards
      > > Among the sleepy townsfolk,
      > > With hearts singing:
      > > "Do you want to see the Golden Shores of
      > > the Beyond?
      > > The city has played its role;
      > > There is nothing left for you there.
      > > Become a seafaring man!
      > > Sail with us from shore to shore
      > > Gathering the weary souls who have seen
      > > everything but Truth.
      > > Leave behind your father's skeleton
      > > And the girl with the long black hair
      > > Who sang a cherry tree carol
      > > But would never pray,
      > > Not even by accident."
      > >
      > > Now singing "Kanu, Kanu,"
      > > A song of the child Krishna,
      > > They enchant everyone with innocent fun.
      > > The once-distant strains
      > > Now sound within my very heart,
      > > And my soul is traveling
      > > Far, far down the water
      > > Where all boats and all travelers meet
      > > In Immortality's effulgence-sun.
      > >
      > >
      > > *Sri Ramakrishna, the Thakur of Dakineshwar
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