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  • srichinmoyinspiration
    Apr 1, 2005
      We most sincerely thank the Assistant Moderator with
      everything in our hearts for dedicating so much time and care
      to moderating this wonderful group.

      We look forward to hearing from him again sometime, but only
      after a well deserved rest. We sincerely wish him the
      satisfaction of a hearty sigh -- the kind that one expresses
      when they know they have given so very much of themselves for
      a worthy cause.

      A few individuals are now sharing the task of moderating this
      group, taking turns at this great opportunity. We wish to
      remind the new members to please make sure to refer to the
      group guidelines for posting:

      Basic Posting Procedure

      1. Create a Yahoo ID and password

      2. Join the Inspiration Group

      3. Set your member preferences to hide your email

      4. Post online here:

      See more details here: http://tinyurl.com/5fr7p

      Very gratefully,

      Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group moderators
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