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  • polestar1931
    Mar 5, 2005
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      "Some people say that perfection exists neither in heaven nor on
      earth. I cannot see eye to eye with them. Perfection does exist both
      in heaven and on earth. The very cry of earth is perfection. The very
      smile of heaven is perfection. Earth's soulful cry and heaven's
      glowing smile must go together. Then only will satisfaction dawn on
      God's Face. God can have satisfaction only when earth's cry and
      heaven's smile run together. When earth cries we must not think that
      earth is inferior to heaven, and when heaven smiles we must not think
      that heaven is superior to earth. No, it is not so. It is God, the
      growing man, who cries in and through earth to realise all that he can
      eventually be. And it is again God, the fulfilled man, who smiles in
      and through heaven in realising what he already is."

      -- Sri Chinmoy