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11205My Life's Soul-journey

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  • chakori_aharan
    Mar 5, 2005
      March 5

      If you are leading a spiritual life, then at
      every moment, God comes first in your life.

      To an ordinary person, God does not come first.
      Prosperity, power, importance, fame and other
      things come first. But a spiritual person says,
      "God has to come first; the inner life has to come
      first." As we sow, so we reap. We sow a seed and
      it germinates. Then it grows into a huge banyan
      tree. So our inner life must come first because
      everything in our outer life, whether or not it is
      spiritual, is a result and an embodiment of our
      inner life. A spiritual person feels that the inner
      life is of paramount importance and that it has to
      come first. An ordinary person feels, "No, the
      spiritual life is vague and meaningless. Let us
      enjoy life. Let us possess and be possessed. Let us
      enjoy the world and let the world enjoy us. There
      is no bridge between the spiritual life and the
      ordinary life." But a spiritual person sincerely
      cries, "Let me realise the Truth in its own way and
      then bring down the Truth into my outer life."
      The Truth is within, but it has to be felt and
      expressed outwardly also.

      Unless you put God first
      In everything you do and say,
      Your aspiring life
      Will wither away to nothingness.

      Sri Chinmoy

      from "My Life's Soul-journey"
      Daily Meditations
      For Ever-Increasing Spiritual Fulfilment
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