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  • nayak_ltp
    Jul 25, 2003
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      The following is the historic first message posted from this group on
      December 7, 2002. It was posted by Laurilee McMichael from New
      Zealand. So many nice messages have been posted since then and so
      many people have benefited from this site. Gratitude to all of those
      who contribute and those who take the time to maintain the site.


      --- In
      Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, "srichinmoyinspiration
      <srichinmoyinspiration@y...>" <srichinmoyinspiration@y...> wrote:
      > We are now in Taupo, New Zealand with over 200 students of Sri
      > Chinmoy from all over the world. As his special offering to New
      > Zealand, Sri Chinmoy completed lifting 1000 lambs yesterday. This
      > article from New Zealand's The Daily Post appeared today on the
      > page:
      > Uplifting performance
      > By Laurilee McMichael
      > in Taupo
      > The seated man in the yellow jersey closes his eyes in
      > and places his gloved hands on the handles beside him.
      > He is quiet, focussed. Above him, the lambs peer out of the crates
      > uncertainly. The crowd breaks into song.
      > "Lifting Up the World With a Oneness-Heart," they intone.
      > Then the air goes quiet. Everyone seems to hold their breath.
      > The man raises the lamb crates into the air, holds them there for a
      > brief moment and then lowers it again. Four lambs down, 996 to go.
      > After only a couple of minutes' recovery time while the next crate
      > lambs are hoisted up, he will repeat the action.
      > Lifting 1000 lambs may seem an unusual approach to inspiring people
      > but to 71-year-old Sri Chinmoy, it's part of his life's work of
      > encouraging people to believe there are no limits to their
      > Born in what is now Bangladesh, the American spiritual guru travels
      > the world performing unusual feats of strength. It seems there is
      > nothing he hasn't lifted.
      > Sheep, cows, horses, an elephant. Famous people. Cars, trucks,
      > helicopters. People playing pianos. A Canadian Mountie, complete
      > horse.
      > His sports team followers reel off a staggering list of everything
      > from farm implements to human pyramids. All these at an age when
      > people would be enjoying a leisurely retirement.
      > He's accompanied on this visit by around 150 members of the Sri
      > Chinmoy Marathon Team which sees its aim as bringing people
      > through sports and cultural activities.
      > On this visit, his fourth to New Zealand, he set himself the goal
      > lifting 1000 lambs overhead and yesterday completed the feat in a 1-
      > hour session at the Kiwi Tahi Land Company Farm 18 km west of
      > He originally set himself three weeks to achieve the goal but has
      > lifted 100 or 200 lambs per session so quickly that he has reached
      > after only eight days and lifted a total of 36,936 kg. Each lift
      > constitutes roughly double his own bodyweight.
      > But he's not stopping at lambs—he plans to move onto lifting 100
      > next during his Kiwi visit.
      > As well as the feats of strength involving farm animals, Sri
      > is also a writer, musician and composer and has given concerts in
      > Auckland.
      > "He really wants to inspire people to do their best and to do good
      > things in life," explains Ashani Pluchinot, a member of his
      > team.
      > Shardul Dillican, who organised the lamb lifting, said it had not
      > been difficult to arrange because farmers had been ahppy to be
      > involved.
      > "I think essentially rural New Zealand has a big heart, so they
      > reacted to this project in a nice way, because it is all about
      > inspiring people. Sri Chinmoy really likes to inspire people to
      > that within each of us there's tremendous capacity. If we can bring
      > that forward we can increase the beauty of our own lives and also
      > world, and that's the main reason for his activities."
      > Copyright The Daily Post, 2002.
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